Get Your Home Ready To Sell

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Get Your Home Ready To Sell

A home that looks its best is more likely to sell faster and for a better price. Here are a few tips from the experts for preparing your home for market and staging it for showings.

Repaint or touch up trim
Make needed repairs
Wash windows and screens
Edge, mow, and fertilize the lawn
Reseed sparse areas
Trim trees, hedges, shrubs

Weed lawns and flowerbeds
Prune trees.
Cut back overgrown shrubbery
Clean an
d align gutters and downspouts

Clean the chimney
Remove oil stains from driveway and garage
Keep walks and driveway swept or free of ice
Wash the windows inside and out.

Check doorbell and replace lightbulbs
Put out new welcome mat
Clean, repair or repaint front door
Sweep walkway

Hire a cleaning service to thoroughly clean the interior
Clear all cobwebs from corners and doorways
Wash all light switches, handrails and doorknobs
Replace burned-out lightbulbs; use brighter bulbs
Clear out closets
Eliminate clutter
Neutralize and depersonalize

Touch-up or repaint walls, trim and ceilings (neutral colors sell best)
Repair cracks, holes and damage to plaster, wallboard, wallpaper, paint, and tiles
Replace damaged windowpanes, moldings, woodwork, and torn screens
Clean out all window tracks
Shampoo carpets, scrub and wax wood floors, or replace
Renail creaking boards or stairs; lubricate squeaking doors
Clean curtains, shutters and blinds
Clean fireplace, mantle and surrounding areas
Update décor — throw pillows, bedspreads, towels

Kitchen & Bath
Clean appliances inside and out
Clear out and clean cabinets, drawers and pantry
Clean, repair or replace faucets and fixtures
Unclog slow drains
Replace old toilet seats and shower curtains
Regrout sinks, tubs and showers
Declutter counters

Before Each Showing
Pick up toys and clutter
Clear off counters and tabletops
Turn on lights
Make beds
Make sure home smells inviting
Set thermostat to comfortable temperature